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舞蹈和瑜伽才是最好的“整容”和“减肥” ,一年减掉18公斤,她的故事告诉你。。。

舞蹈和瑜伽才是最好的整容减肥” ,2021 遇见更健康美丽的自己!













瘦下来作为成功企业家受邀去电台, 接受访问心情也是美美的。



人生可期,如果你有改变自己的愿望。 找到自己的乐趣运动起来,同时开始吃更多健康的食物,做更多爱自己的事情。改变指日可待。


愿你,2022年遇见更美更健康的自己 ❤️


Branches 分店地址

Upper Cross Branch 克罗士分店

22B Upper Cross Street

Singapore 058334

2 Minutes walk from Chinatown MRT Exit E

Paya Lebar Branch 巴耶利峇分店


Singapore 389621

3 minuteswalk from Paya Lebar MRT Exit D

新会员预约免费试课 请联系

WhatsApp +65 96652368

wechat ID: desertrosesfit


现有会员可以直接用自己的账号登录我们的 APP, 预约不同类课程,任何问题请

WhatsApp +65 96652368

wechat ID: desertrosesfi

Dance and yoga are the best "plastic surgery" and "weight loss". In 2021, you will meet a healthier and more beautiful yourself!

There must be such a person by your side, who will always be on the front line of losing weight

Sometimes losing weight can change the destiny of a girl. After making yourself better and more beautiful, more opportunities and favors will come to you. Sweat and hard work will make you brighter, and your excellent inner heart and essence will have more opportunities to show. A healthy and firm body reflects self-discipline and studious.Self-discipline is hard to achieve, and fun can often be used naturally.

There is a girl like this, Tingting, who has changed herself through a fun dance and yoga way of losing weight. Busy with her career to become a successful entrepreneur but neglected to take care of her body, she decided to meet the senior sister she met when she was still studying at National University Of Singapore 12 years ago, and restart the belly dance she once liked more than ten years ago. Decided to use this fun, healthy and natural fitness method to get back to the original slim self.

In less than a year, she danced and yoga practiced 4 to 5 times a week. At the same time, she also implemented with a healthier diet. Her determination and perseverance were admirable.

May her story inspire you.  May you, meet a more beautiful and healthier self in 2022 ❤️  Dance and yoga with Desert Roses Yoga Dance in Singapore and give yourself a beautiful goal in 2022.

Join us and book a free trial bellydance fit, or adult ballet and Chinese Dance class here
For existing members, please go to our APP and book any classes. 
Whatsapp 96652368 for any questions. 

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