Class Packs 价格配套

Regular prices are listed here. For promotions please check with our admin while signing up the courses. First class is free! Consult about instructor after first free trial about discount and promotions. Book a free trial class now whatsapp 96652368 for both Chinatown and Paya Lebar Branches! Bring your friends and get more perks when both signing up! 我们的常规收费列在这里哦,促销和优惠请跟我们的老师查询。第一节免费试课,直接按这里网上预约或者whatsapp 96652368 预约你的第一节免费舞蹈或瑜伽课吧。试课后直接跟老师购买有优惠 !和朋友一起来更有优惠!

One pass for all dance and yoga classes on Schedule

100 SGD off for 100, 150 and 200 class packs till November 30! 最新优惠:100, 150, 200节课配套优惠立减 100SGD, 活动到11月30日截止

228 SGD

10 Class Pack


3 months

358 SGD

20 Class Pack


4 months

988 SGD

70 Class Pack


12 months

498 SGD

30 Class Pack


6 months

1388 SGD

100 Class Pack

100 节课 

12 months

1888 SGD

120 Class Pack


15 months

2098 SGD

200 Class Pack


18 months

Friends Perks

Bring your friends and both get extra classes when your friend sign up