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Members Please Download APP & book your class anytime at both of our locations. You can also log in and book on this page.
For newcomers, please 
book a Free Trial class at Free Trial Page or WhatsApp 96652368

会员请下载我们的APP , 可以随时查看课表预约两个分店的课程或查看余额。新朋友请到免费试课预约网页预约免费试课或whatsapp 96652368 微信 desertrosesfit


Class Types and How to Join

Yoga in Mandarin: Join any time. Mandarin only.
Belly Fit: Join any time
Adult Ballet :Join any time
Chinese Dance Basics:Join any time

For all choreo dance classes, please consult instructors after your free trial class or after your regular classes. You may join the choreo class after a few basic classes. 

华语瑜伽: 随时加入学习,预约免费试课
燃脂肚皮舞基础Belly Fit: 随时加入学习,预约免费试课
芭蕾形体基础 Adult Ballet :随时加入学习,预约免费试课
中国舞基础Chinese Dance Basics:随时加入学习,预约免费试课

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