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Desert Roses Yoga Dance

singapore bellydance studio
Singapore yoga class
Singapore bellydance studio
Singapore bellydance class

Desert Roses Yoga Dance provides bellydance classes, yoga classes, ballet dance classes and Chinese Dance classes in Singapore by award winning instructors.


Started as the most popular and professional performing belly dance company in Singapore from 2009, with growing demands from our audience, we have ever since started to run our own belly dance classes, ballet shaping classes, kpop and yoga classes bilingually. In 2010 we also started yoga classes in Mandarin. 


We promote dance, fitness and fun among women of different ages and in different shapes. Devoted in teaching and sharing our knowledge in dance and fitness, we are determined to help the ladies who look for the integrity in body, mind and soul through active dancing exercise and achieving desired fitness while having fun! Meantime we are also ready to bring our excellent students onto stage and let them shine in the spotlight! Meanwhile, our professional performance group has emerged into Desert Roses Show Productions, providing a series of professional music and dance performances besides belly dance.


新加坡沙漠玫瑰是一个专业培训机构,业务包括肚皮舞和其他舞蹈和瑜伽课程及专业培训。沙漠玫瑰,传播健康与美。你的梦想,从这里起飞!新加坡沙漠玫瑰创立于2009年,源于一份简单的对肚皮舞的热爱,12 年来不断吸收优秀人才,领跑新加坡肚皮舞界,并受新加坡教育部批准,在新加坡各大中小学展演肚皮舞音乐艺术(NACAEP)。我们曾培养出国际肚皮舞冠军导师,多个国际肚皮舞冠军亚季军,我们的教师团队和学生团队在曾在国际比赛中多次夺冠。我们的表演团队包括老师和我们的学员,表演团队不仅在各大国际艺术节,等国际活动上,公司宴会上受邀表演, 表演团队曾多次受邀上电视节目并获的奖项,老师带领团队在国际上屡获嘉奖。沙漠玫瑰更被邀请上电视节目宣传健康和美, 推广肚皮舞等舞蹈作为女性健身的最佳生活方式。



Our Strength (Awards)


The most popular and professional belly dance performing group in Singapore with established belly dancers and musicians. Our dancers (dance and music) have been featured on Mediacorp TV channel 5 in 2010, Desert Roses won the top 6 best arts entertainers group in Singapore with entertainers of other arts forms in the talents TV show "One Moment of Glory".


In 2012, Desert Roses represented Singapore and won international belly dance solo and group champions for Singapore, first time ever. Desert Roses was interviewed on TV channel Newsasia and TV channel 8 (Good Morning Singapore).


In 2013, Desert Roses Studio successfully hosted 2013 International Singapore Golden Sands Belly Dance Festival & Competition for bringing belly dance as art and fitness form to more people around the world.


We have performed in various venues in Singapore as entertainment stage show for numerous grand ceremonies and educational programs (NAC- AEP programs) over the years.


Our strong instructors team are also the resident performers for the most famous middle eastern restaurants Shiraz, Ambrosia, Beirut/Magic Carpet in Singapore. Their splendid performances are the highlights of Singapore nightlife arts scene.




Our Shows

Our talented dancers and musicians provide Belly Dance, Bollywood Dance, Chinese Dance, Korean Pop Dance, Saxophone Solo, Saxophone music band, popping dance and Bohemian Music performances.


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