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Scroll down and book a free trial class directly below on this page or whatsapp 96652368 to book a free trial class: select a location for a free trial class, after purchasing the package, you can join the classes at both locations (Chinatown Studio & Paya Lebar Studio,both next to MRT). Price packages can be used for all yoga and dance classes. Pricing list can be found on the bottom of this page. 

直接下拉在本网页预约免费试课或 whatsapp 96652368索取最新课表预约免费试课: 第一节课免费试课,报名后可以自己用app订课在两个地址(牛车水分店和芽笼分店, 都靠近地铁站)上课,  购买的课时配套可以用于所有瑜伽和舞蹈课程, 价格表在本页页尾供参考。

牛车水分店 Chinatown Branch : 22B Upper Cross Street, 058334 (Chinatown MRT)
芽笼分店 Paya Labar Branch: 706A Geylang Road, 389621 (Paya Lebar MRT)


Free Trial Class Schedule

"I have lost a few kilos in just two months! What's more, Belly Dance has become my true love! " - Ms. Tan (Belly Dance Fitness Class)


"Your studio really has the best instructors. Wow." - Miss Yulia (INSEAD) (Belly Dance Fitness Class)

No Dance Background needed! Start your workout today! Fit and Fun! 7 days a week, flexible schedule! ​无需任何舞蹈基础,任何年龄和体型都可以学习,乐趣健身,从今天开始!

>>> Bellydance, Ballet, Chinese Dance, Jazz Dance Classes (Bilingually) 肚皮舞, 芭蕾形体,中国舞,爵士舞课程,中文为主,双语教学!

Dance fitness provides motivation to continue working out on a regular basis. Dance fitness provides excellent cardiovascular workout and high-quality muscle toning, all while learning dance moves and enjoying the overall process. Make dance fitness a life style and bring out your confidence and personality while getting fit! No matter your aim is to lose weight, to simply tone your muscles, or improve your health, or improve your posture, improve your sleep quality or even boost your confidence or unleash your charisma, you are at the right place!  Click Free Trial and book your first FREE CLASS just by a few clicks in the menu below! Our belly fit classes are conducted in English and Mandarin bilingually! Welcome to an international workout community!

>>> Yoga in Mandarin 我们的瑜伽课程是华语教学, 每周7天, 每天时段灵活。零基础学习,欢迎预约免费试课!  

"I really enjoyed all the dance classes that I attended n taught by your instructors. They r so patient, friendly n taught in a very enjoyable way. Thru mouth of words, I ve already told my friends n I hope my friends were see for themselves. Jia you n I will definitely support u. "-Miss Linda (Belly Dance Fitness Class and Choreo Class)


"I am voting for you given our great experience with you!" - Mr. Karim (INSEAD) (Belly Dance Performance and workshops)

​学习了瑜伽之后,我睡眠质量变好了,人也更精神了。 - 瑜伽会员

我每周去两三次,没想到两个星期不到,腰痛神奇般的好了。- 瑜伽会员

What are the Charges 


One pass for all dance and yoga classes. You can check out our pricing here 

Purchases can be made on our APP directly or in our studios. 

These are the standard prices. Promotions vary according your purchasing time. You can consult instructor after free trial or whatsapp 96652368 directly. 

​通卡可以上所有的舞蹈瑜伽课程, 标准价格请到价格网页,也可以在我们的APP 直接购买或在我们任意分店课前课后购买。 优惠根据您的购买时间适用。试课时可咨询老师或直接咨询 whatsapp 96652368。





What to Bring


Clothes similar or the same as Yoga clothes will be ideal for any of the dance and workout above. Bare feet. Bring a bottle of water if you get thirsty easily. Bring a water bottle and we have water dispenser in studio.

​舞蹈课穿T shirt 和短裤就可以来了, 赤脚跳舞。华语瑜伽课,瑜伽室有瑜伽垫,不需要自带。带上你的美丽心情和瑜伽服即可。如果容易口渴可以带一瓶水,容易出汗自带一个小毛巾。

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