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download APP at App Store :
Desert Roses Yoga Dance
Step 2 
All popup windows please click
Step 3
Log in with the username and password from the email we sent you. Please don’t use your own password.

WhatsApp 96652368 to ask for your login name and password if you can not find it. 
Step 4
Click on the class which you want to book, for the first time only, you will be asked to complete your profile. 
Fill in all info include State >>> must choose NONE on the next page (as in picture)
Then scroll down please turn on Agree to all terms, then sign it, and save it. 
You are good to go! Your booked class is under my classes on the left menu. 
Enjoy your dance and yoga journey with us! You can view your purchase record and class visits history anytime! Enjoy!
Desert Roses Yoga Dance
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安装app, 随时约课,随时查询购课记录,随时查看自己的上课记录更好鼓励自己!

Step 1 
Desert Roses Yoga Dance

Step 2 
所有弹窗请按allow 允许

Step 3
请用我们发给你的用户名和密码登录。不要自己申请另外的账号。如果不清楚的话问前台老师 whatsapp 96652368 要你的账号和密码。

Step 4


填写每项,需要注意的是State 必须按一下选第二页的NONE

然后拉下选同意所有条款Agree to all terms ,到下一页随意签名,然后按save

好了,你约好的课在左栏的my classes

开始你的舞蹈和瑜伽之旅吧! 你可以看到你购买的配套和上课的历史记录,加油哦加油!
Desert Roses Yoga Dance
WhatsApp : 96652368

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Branches 分店地址

Upper Cross Branch 克罗士分店

22B Upper Cross Street

Singapore 058334 

2 Minutes walk from Chinatown MRT Exit E

Temple Street Branch 登婆街分店

49B Temple Street

Singapore 058594

2 Minutes walk from Chinatown MRT Exit A


Paya Lebar Branch 巴耶利峇分店


Singapore 389621

3 minuteswalk from Paya Lebar MRT Exit D



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