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Dance fitness provides motivation to continue working out on a regular basis. Dance fitness provides excellent cardiovascular workout and high-quality muscle toning, all while learning dance moves and enjoying the overall process. Make dance fitness a life style and bring out your confidence and personality while getting fit!  


ZERO DANCE BACKGROUND needed to start any of the dance fitness classes below! Book a free trial class today!

"I have lost a few kilos in just two months! What's more, Belly Dance has become my true love! " - Ms. Tan (Belly Dance Fitness Class)


"Your studio really has the best instructors. Wow." - Miss Yulia (INSEAD) (Belly Dance Fitness Class)


"I really enjoyed all the dance classes that I attended n taught by your instructors. They r so patient, friendly n taught in a very enjoyable way. Thru mouth of words, I ve already told my friends n I hope my friends were see for themselves. Jia you n I will definitely support u. "-Miss Linda (Belly Dance Fitness Class and Choreo Class)


"I am voting for you given our great experience with you!" - Mr. Karim (INSEAD) (Belly Dance Performance and workshops)

​学习了瑜伽之后,我睡眠质量变好了,人也更精神了。 - 瑜伽会员

Belly Fit


“Belly dancing is quite possibly one of the best things that have ever, ever happened to me! The first time I belly danced (that was over 6 years ago!), I walked out of the class sashaying my hips, feeling all woman.”


Belly dancing has been proven to improve self-confidence, physical health and even sexuality! • Really good exercise (better than any gym session!) but at the same time, it’s so feminine.

• The costumes — sparkly and gorgeous colors.

• For the most part, it is low impact, which works well for me as I have foot injuries so can’t do many other types of exercise.

• So many different variations on belly dancing — props, fusions with other forms of dancing, styles (Persian, Egyptian, Turkish) — there is always something new to discover.

• Helps me to de-stress from the day job.

• A lovely supportive environment in classes and rehearsals — everyone is willing everyone else to do well.

• Performing is an amazing adrenaline rush.

• A much more defined waist — belly dancing really tones your obliques.

• Some awesome party moves — everyone loves a shimmy!

• Lots of really good friends.

• More body confidence.

• Generally more confidence in how I present myself — I get feedback now on the presence I have when I give presentations at work.


Who does not want to feel younger, fulfilled, healthy and sexier? Belly dancing helps you stay young, fulfilled, healthy and sexier in a fun way!


Ballet Shaping


Everyone knows how graceful a ballerina is. More than that. Ballets builds muscle and agility. Believe it or not, ballet is a combination of pilates and endurance training. It also entails breath coordination throughout your dance sequence. Doing plié squats, ballet jumps, and spins uses your own body weight to strengthen your core and lower body.








瑜伽可以减肥吗?来自古印度的瑜伽,不仅能修身养性,强身健体,更能瘦身塑形。 一系列的拉伸减肥瑜伽动作,能加速局部脂肪的燃烧,帮助减肥。 减肥瑜伽动作能够有效瘦手臂,同时还能改善肩膀的疼痛,一起来练习下吧,既瘦身又健身。

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