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March Promotion! 988 SGD Class Pack + 5 Free Classes 三月促销配套 988 SGD 课时配套+5 节免费课!

March Promotion! 988 SGD Class Pack (70 + 5 Free Classes) , class pack can be used for belly dance (bellydance fit + belly Choreo) , yoga, Chinese Dance (Choreo) and Adult Ballet.

三月促销配套 988 SGD 课时配套(70节课+5 节免费课)课时卡可以用于瑜伽, 肚皮舞(燃脂基础课+ 成品舞课), 芭蕾形体,中国舞(成品课程)

Bring new friends and both of you and your friend will get extra free classes when your friends sign up the classes!


More details please whatsapp 96652368

更多详情请 whatsapp 96652368


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