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Level up! New bellydance choreos starting from Feb 15 this week! 学习成品舞提升学习水平,本周 Feb 15 开始新的成品舞蹈!

8 weeks to learn a dance and you are welcome to join the filming in the end of classes! You can join Belly Choreo classes while joining Bellydance Fit classes. Learn at the same time and improve faster! 8 周学会一个舞蹈,欢迎您参加每期舞蹈完成后课后的录影! 您可在学习燃脂肚皮舞健身基础课的同时学习肚皮舞成品舞课程,同时学习,提高更快!

Level up! If you are new and learned a few bellydance fit classes, you may start to challenge yourself by learning complete dance choreographies. Learning dance choreographies are great way to improve your skill level and combine most of movements you have learned before and many new movements you haven't learned in the class before. It's helpful for you to feel the flow and connections of the moves, and perfect your movements by immersing yourself in the beauty of music. You will feel a sense of achievement after completing the dance and will be enjoying the dance more and more! Simply book belly Choreo 1 or 2 on the class schedule on our APP. If you have any questions, please whatsapp 96652368.

If you have been learning belly chores, don't miss the new dances!

Dear ones❤️ We are about to start the first term of dance choreos in 2022

(8 weeks to learn a dance and you are welcome to join the filming in the last week of choreo classes!)

Belly Choreo Level 1: "Elementary Drum Solo", the more solid the basic skills are, the more enjoyable dancing will be, and it is a good opportunity to improve the basic skills. ✌️🌹

❤️Chinatown Studio❤️ Saturday 2:15pm - February 19

❤️Geylang Studio ❤️ Tuesday 2:15pm - February 15 Sunday 2:00pm - February 20 Belly Choreo Level 2 "Baladi Nostalgia Edit", full of thoughts expressed through music and dance. A dance that belly dance masters are dancing, don't miss it. 🌹💃🏻

❤️Chinatown Classroom❤️ Friday 1:15. — February 18 Saturday 3:15pm - February 19

❤️geylang classroom ❤️ Wednesday 8:15pm - February 16 Thursday 2:15pm - February 17 Sunday 3:00pm - February 20

Note: Within the same week, bellydance choreo classes are at the same progress. You can choose any of the time slot or you can come 2 or 3 times for practises.

升级!如果您是新手并且学习了一些肚皮舞健身基础课程,您可能会开始通过学习完整的成品舞蹈来挑战自己。学习成品舞蹈是提高技能水平的好方法,并结合了您以前学过的大部分动作和许多您以前在课堂上没有学过的新动作。通过沉浸在音乐之美中,您可以感受动作的流畅和连接,并完善您的动作。学完舞蹈后你会感到有成就感,并且越来越喜欢舞蹈!直接在APP 上选择 belly choreo 1 或2. 预约有问题请微信 desertrosesfit 或whatsapp 96652368

如果您一直在学习肚皮舞成品舞, 不要错过这次美丽的舞蹈!


8 周学会一个舞蹈,欢迎您参加每期舞蹈最后的录影!

《初級成品舞码》:《初级鼓舞Drum Solo》,基本功有多扎实,跳舞就有多享受,提升基本功的好机会哦。✌️🌹


星期六2:15pm —2月19日


星期二 2:15pm-2月15日

星期日 2:00pm —2月20日

《中級成品舞码》:《巴拉迪Baladi Nostalgia Edit》,满满的思念之情通过音乐和舞蹈表达出来。肚皮舞大师们都在跳的一支舞,不要错过哦。🌹💃🏻


星期五 1:15. — 2月18日

星期六 3:15pm—2月19日


星期三 8:15pm—2月16日

星期四 2:15pm—2月17日

星期日 3:00pm —2月20日

注:同一周内,肚皮舞成品舞班进度相同。您可以选择任何一个时间段,也可以来 2 或 3 次练习。


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