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Adult Ballet 成人芭蕾形体@706A Geylang Road

Ballet movements to shape your body and correct your postures

  • 1 h
  • 706A Geylang Road Singapore 389621

Service Description

Adult Ballet Class Through ballet training Correct poor sitting and standing postures, Bent over, hunched back and other bad habits. Suitable for adults to shape their bodies and enhance their temperament, Start learning with zero foundation 成人芭蕾形体课 通过芭蕾舞训练 矫正不良坐姿、站姿、 弯腰、驼背等不良习惯。 适合成人塑造体型, 提升气质, 零基础开始学习 Everyone knows how graceful a balllerina is. More than that. Ballets builds muscle and agility. Believe it or not, ballet is a combination of pilates and endurance training. It also entails breath coordination throughout your dance sequence. Doing plié squats, ballet jumps, and spins uses your own body weight to strengthen your core and lower body.

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Desert Roses Yoga Dance (Chinatown Branch) 22b Upper Cross Street, Singapore

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