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FAQ 常见问题

​Q: I don't have any dance or yoga background, can I attend the classes? 我没有舞蹈或瑜伽基础,可以上课吗?

Yes you can! Please book a free trial beginner class on the FREE TRIAL booking page (click the Free Trial button on the top of this page). Or whatsapp 96652368 to book a free trial class.  All of classes on the booking page are for beginners.  当然可以!您可以去我们的免费试课预约网页在网上直接预约,上面的瑜伽和舞蹈课程都是零基础可以学习的。或者您whatsapp 96652368 或者微信 desertrosesfit 预约免费试课也可以。

Q: If I want to level up after I learn the basic for a period of time, what should I do? 如果我学了一段时间基础课,想要继续进修, 应该怎么办?

You can learn choreo classes after you learn 10 to 15 basic dances classes. New choreo classes are open every two months, you can learn dance choreographies to make the learning more fulfilling and challenging.  If you are satisfied with basic dance classes and enjoy the movements and sweat in the classes, you can choose to stay in basic classes and just work out and have fun too!  您学了10节,15节基础课之后可以学成品舞课程。我们每两个月有一期新的成品舞课程,学习成品舞会让学习更有满足感和挑战性。但是如果您觉得学习基础课程已经足够有趣,也能得到锻炼,出汗健身,也可以继续只是练习基础课程达到健身和塑形的效果。 基础课和成品舞课程您都可以直接在我们的App上预定。成品舞开课日期请参照课表页。

​Q: Is the free trial completely free? Any extra fee? How to book? 免费试课真的免费吗? 有什么额外费用吗?怎么预约?

Yes the free trial is compeletely free (However if you don't live in Singapore regularly, you are required to pay the drop-in class fee 35 SGD/class). After your free trial, if you are interested in join in future, you can buy the packages from our instructor, the price list is here for your reference. Ask instructor if there are any promotions when you sign up too! Book a free trial class, please book directly here

whatsapp 96652368. 是的免费试课完全免费 (但是如果您不是长期居住在新加坡, 您需要付费 35 SGD/堂),如果试完课您感兴趣报名,可以参考价格表直接跟老师报名。也可以咨询老师是否有当下的优惠。预约免费试课,可以直接在这里预约,或者 whatsapp 96652368。

​​Q: Do I need to bring yoga mat for yoga classes? 我需要带瑜伽垫上课吗?

Our yoga classes are conducted in Mandarin only.  If you are ok with mandarin coaching, you can bring your yoga mat. We do offer yoga mats in the studio too. Please bring a small sweat towel and a bottle of drinking water. We have water dispenser in studios but you need to bring your own bottle. 我们的瑜伽课是华语教学的。我们提供瑜伽垫。您可以带一个擦汗的小毛巾和一瓶饮用水,我们教室也提供饮水机,但需要自己带水壶。您要带自己的瑜伽垫也可以。 

​​Q: Can I use my package for all studios?我的配套可以在所有的教室使用吗?

​Yes you can. You can switch the locations on the app, and book the class in any of our studios. 是的可以,在我们app的课表上方直接切换地址就可以预定不同教室的课程。

Q:  I booked a class but can not make it,  will the credit be deducted from the class?  我预定了课程但是不可以去,我的课时会被扣吗?

​If you cancel the class 6 hours before the class time on your app, you won't be charged. If for the first time you didnot notice the time and cancelled late. Please whatsapp 96652368 and we will recover the class credit for you. 如果您在至少课前6小时自己在app 上取消,您的课时不会被扣掉。 如果第一次你没注意结果取消晚了, 请whatsapp 96652368, 我们会帮您恢复您的课时。

Q:  Are your locations near MRT? Any parking spaces nearby? 你们的分店靠近地铁吗?附近有停车场吗?
​Yes both of studio are next to MRT.  We have parking spaces nearby too. Please go to our Studios Page to check the details. 是的我们两个分店都靠近地铁,附近也有停车场。 请到我们的分店网页查看详细地址路线。

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