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❤️August Promotion! 8月促销,50 SGD OFF for SHARABLE 200 Class Pack (Valid for 18mos)

❤️August Promotion! 8月促销,200课时配套优惠2048 SGD 有效期18个月, 可与朋友家人分享! 50 SGD OFF for 2098 SGD pack, now only 2048 SGD for all dance and yoga classes (200 classes valid for 18 months)! Shareable with friend and family! New purchased class pack will only be activated after your existing class pack expires. Purchase now on our app directly or before and after the class in our studios! Limited to 20 Pax only! 200课时配套优惠50新币只需2048 SGD

🌟Valid for 18 months 有效期18个月,

🌟Sharable with friend and family 可与朋友分享,

🌟Usable for all dance and yoga classes 可用于所有舞蹈和瑜伽课程!

仅限这个8月购买!新卡在现有卡用完后才会启动计算有效期。可以在上课前或后直接跟老师购买或在App 直接购买。仅限20位购买! 8月促销适合热爱运动又想和朋友,家人一起来想要更多来上课暴汗,提升进步的你,赶快行动,2022已经过半,让接下来的5个月过的更有活力,更健康,柔韧又有力量!❤️ Bring your friends for free trial classes and you both will get extra gift classes when your friends sign up any packages! whatsapp 96652368 to book the free trial for your friends or book directly at 欢迎带您的朋友们来参加免费试课,如果您的朋友喜欢课程购买配套,您和朋友都将获得额外的免费课程! whatsapp 96652368 或添加微信号 desertrosesfit 帮您的朋友预约课程,或者直接在 预约免费试课课程, 新朋友也可以直接用以上联系方式或链接预约免费试课❤️

 Bellydance Fit 燃脂肚皮舞  Book a Free Trial at

 华语瑜伽课程 Yoga in Mandarin  预约免费试课


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